Q: What material are the ceramic products Vidima made of?

A: The material that the ceramic products Vidima are made of is called sanitary porcelain (vitreous china) and is characterized by uncompromising resistance against the effects of acids and other active chemicals. The high water resistance of the material (99.5%) prevents infiltration of water into it, the development of microorganisms and consequential destruction of the material. Products are also covered with glaze, which provides additional protection and shiny white or colored surface of products sustainable through out the operation. The composition of materials, their formula and processing technology are unique and know-how of a global company with 100 years of experience in production. That's why our products are preferred worldwide.

Q: What is the composition of the metal alloy from which are the Vidima mixers made?

A: The main material for the Vidima mixer taps is brass with constant and controlled composition according to European standards. Brass produced in the Ideal Standard - Vidima plant has a low lead content, significantly lower than the 1.6 percent norm. The company guarantees its clients high quality materials and safety for health use.

Q: What is the coverage on the Vidima mixer taps?

A: To give the products their beautiful mirror finish so typical for the Vidima mixers, the company uses an established method of electro-galvanizing. With modern equipment to achieve the requirements of the European norms and standards EN 248, DIN 50021, ISO 9927, ISO 5002, namely: high quality nickel coverage with a thickness of 12.6 to 15.3 microns and chrome coverage with thickness from 0.327 to 1.470 microns. Plastic parts are galvanized after preliminary refurbishemnt surface, which provides durable and aesthetic coverage.

Q: What is the material Vidima bathtubs are made of?

A: Vidima bathtubs are made of acrylic with tickness of 4mm, characterized by the smooth and great to the touch surface. It's resistant to external influences and easy to clean. The bottom of the bathtub is specially treated in order to prevent dangerous sliding.